Claudia, Corrie's Mom(non-registered)
Joe..the patio is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job and the kids are thrilled.
hi joe i want to send some greetings from the one happy island all the best brother!!!! thank you very much for the pictures........
Claudia G. Kapinos(non-registered)
Cute pictures of my little guys. Sure will make a nice Xmas card.
Corrie Marino(non-registered)
Joe- Thank you so much for taking the boys pictures. As always you did an amazing job. You really know how to capture those great facial expressions. Your candids are priceless! Thank you for all the moments you have captured for us. Your pictures are by far THE BEST!
Claudia Kapinos(non-registered)
Joe-my grandsons sure are handsome boys but the pictures you got of them are fabulous. You have a true talent. See you next year for our family pictures.
Peter Teceno(non-registered)
Nice pictures! Great Job!!
Joe the pictures came yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL !!! I want to order more but I feel guilty because I have two other daughters and I should have pictures of them, as well. Maybe over Christmas, when everyone is home, we could do something about that.
Anyways, you've done a great job and I love the pics, thanks.
These are fantastic! What a great job you've done.
Ginny and Marc(non-registered)
Pictures are terrific! What a vast expression of feelings, the sharing of large joyous celebrations and the focusing on simple, tender moments, such as a sweet smile, personal tenderness between guests, and the drama of the flowers, invitations, wine corks, etc. We especially enjoyed the pictures of our family and felt the joy of the moment was truly expressed on the bride's face. Best of luck with all future weddings and celebrations, be they complex affairs or simple and elegant, you will capture the memories with class!
Hi Joe(non-registered)
I agree with Ron. The web site is classy looking.
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